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Drew McIntyre on reinvention

12 May 2018 : 23:45  |  Wrestling  |   0
calling out complacency, and why teaming with Dolph Ziggler is “for everyone’s own good”

The old saying is that a Superstar’s worst enemy is time off. But there Drew McIntyre was, facing the first extended stint on the shelf of his in-ring career after suffering a torn bicep in an NXT Championship loss to Andrade “Cien” Almas in November 2017. Between grueling rehab sessions, the 6’5” Scottish bruiser did something he’d never really had time to do: Watch the in-ring product. In a way, everything that is about to happen stems completely from that decision, because Drew McIntyre did not like what he saw. “As good as certain things were, there were certain areas that were lacking massively,” McIntyre observed. “There are a lot of people very sure of themselves that need to be brought back down to Earth. As good as they think they are, they’re really not.”

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