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The Aldrich Family
[Image: aldrich-family.jpg]

The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy (July 2, 1939-April 19, 1953), was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking adolescent voice, "Com-ing, Mother!" The creation of playwright Clifford Goldsmith, Henry Aldrich began on Broadway as a minor character in Goldsmith's play What a Life. Produced and directed by George Abbott, What a Life ran for 538 performances (April 13, 1938 to July 8, 1939). The Broadway cast included Eddie Bracken, Betty Field and Butterfly McQueen. The actor who brought Henry to life on stage was 20-year-old Ezra Stone, who was billed near the bottom as the 20th actor in the cast. Stone was also employed as the play's production assistant.
The Aldrich Family
Pigeon Coops
Aired 2-20-1940

The Aldrich Family
Carrier Pigeons
Aired 2-27-1940

The Aldrich Family
Model Airplane
Aired 5-1-1940

The Aldrich Family
Mothers Day
Aired 5-8-1940

The Aldrich Family
School Picnic
Aired 5-25-1940


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