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Vic and Sade
[Image: vic-and-sade.jpg]

Vic and Sade was an American radio program created and written by Paul Rhymer . It was regularly broadcast on radio from 1932 to 1944, then intermittently until 1946, and was briefly adapted to television in 1949 and again in 1957.

During its 14-year run on radio, Vic and Sade became one of the most popular series of its kind, earning critical and popular success: according to Time Magazine, Vic and Sade had 7,000,000 devoted listeners in 1943. For the majority of its span on the air, Vic and Sade was heard in 15-minute episodes without a continuing storyline. The central characters, known as "radio's home folks", were accountant Victor Rodney Gook Art Van Harvey , his wife Sade Bernardine Flynn and their adopted son Rush Bill Idelson . The three lived on Virginia Avenue in "the small house halfway up in the next block.

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