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Have Gun Will Travel
[Image: have-gun.jpg]

The Have Gun – Will Travel radio show broadcast 106 episodes on the CBS Radio Network between November 23, 1958, and November 27, 1960. It was one of the last radio dramas featuring continuing characters and the only significant American radio adaptation of a television series. John Dehner (a regular on the radio series version of Gunsmoke) played Paladin, and Ben Wright usually (but not always) played Hey Boy. Virginia Gregg played Miss Wong, Hey Boy's girlfriend, before the television series featured the character of Hey Girl. Unlike the small-screen version, in this medium there was usually a tag scene at the Carlton at both the beginning and the end of the episode. Initially, the episodes were adaptations of the television program as broadcast earlier the same week, but eventually original stories were produced, including a finale ("Goodbye, Paladin") in which Paladin leaves San Francisco, apparently forever, to claim an inheritance back east. The radio version was written by producer/writer Roy Winsor.
Have Gun Will Travel
Pat Murphy
Aired 5-8-1960

Have Gun Will Travel
Dusty And His Uncle Muncie
Aired 5-29-1960

Have Gun Will Travel
Extended Viva
Aired 8-14-1960

Have Gun Will Travel
Aired 11-15-1960

Have Gun Will Travel
Strange Vendetta
Aired 11-23-1958

Have Gun Will Travel
Road To Wickenberg
Aired 11-30-1958

Have Gun Will Travel
Ella West
Aired 12-7-1958

Have Gun Will Travel
The Outlaw
Aired 12-14-1958

Have Gun Will Travel
Hanging Cross
Aired 12-21-1958

Have Gun Will Travel
No Visitors
Aired 12-28-1958


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