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Granby's Green Acres
[Image: granby.jpg]

Granby's Green Acres is a radio situation comedy from the United States. It was broadcast on CBS July 3, 1950 – August 21, 1950, as a summer replacement for Lux Radio Theatre. The show's creator, Jay Sommers, based its concept on memories of time he spent as a boy on a farm near Greendale, New York. His stepfather went broke trying to make the farm successful. In 1948, Granby's Green Acres was auditioned for a slot on ABC with Hanley Stafford originally set to star. Of the eight episodes that aired, five remain in existence, as does the unaired pilot episode.
Granby's Green Acres - aired 7-3-1950 First show
Granby Quits His Job

Granby's Green Acres - aired 7-10-1950
Granby Plants A Crop

Granby's Green Acres - aired 7-17-1950
Granby Discovers Electricity

Granby's Green Acres - aired 7-24-1950
Granby Fights The Love Bug

Granby's Green Acres - aired 7-31-1950
Granby Lays An Egg

Granby's Green Acres - aired 8-21-1950 Last Show
Granby Breaks Down


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